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Capitol Chilled Foods (Australia) Pty Limited is committed to the production and supply of safe, high quality products and services. To achieve our business objectives we strive to ensure that the impact to the environment is minimised and that the measures taken to reduce our environmental foot print are effective and sustainable.

To support our commitment to the environment CCFA has adopted the following policy:

CCFA is committed to:

  • Considering the environmental impact when constructing, upgrading or maintaining the site’s facilities and operations, ensuring that compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Adhering to recognised environmental standards and industry best practice (ISO 14001, National Packaging Covenant etc) where practicable.
  • Minimising the site waste production through organised stock handling, control of stock usage and reuse/recycling programs.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the site’s facilities and operations through the continuous improvement of management systems and supportive programs.
  • Monitoring the site’s environmental performance (compliance & achievement) and reporting the results on a monthly basis.
  • Promoting an environmentally conscious work place through training and education that is endorsed by company leaders.
  • Regularly appraising the environmental managements system to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with current laws, standards and practices.

In a commitment to achieving the above stated policy CCFA will provide the necessary resources to ensure their environmental objectives are met and maintained. 

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